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    Where The Baes At - Eric Dlux, Redfoo, Rio

    THIS SONG IS TERRIBLE AND I LOVE IT. Take a quick second and listen because it is such a guilty pleasure of a song. 

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  2. "If you think you have a problem, and you’re an ego and you’re in difficulty, the answer the Zen master makes to you is “Show me your ego. I want to see this thing that has a problem.” When Bodidharma, the legendary founder of Zen, came to China, a disciple came to him and said “I have no peace of mind. Please pacify my mind.” And Bodhidharma said “Bring out your mind here before me and I’ll pacify it.” “Well,” he said, “when I look for it, I can’t find it.” So Bodhidharma said “There, it’s pacified.” See? Because when you look for your own mind, that is to say, your own particularized center of being which is separate from everything else, you won’t be able to find it. But the only way you’ll know it isn’t there is if you look for it hard enough, to find out that it isn’t there. And so everybody says “All right, know yourself, look within, find out who you are.” Because the harder you look, you won’t be able to find it, and then you’ll realize it isn’t there at all. There isn’t a separate you."
  3. Sea otters have a skin pouch to store their favorite rocks. Where is it located? Arrow


    Sea otters have a skin pouch to store their favorite rocks. Where is it located?

    Sea otters are just the most adorable. With their fur and their flippers and their swimming in the kelp forests, they’re just like little stuffed animals. And to make them even cuter, they collect their favorite…

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Living Room | More
  5. "It’s all about falling in love with yourself and sharing that love with someone who appreciates you, rather than looking for love to compensate for a self love deficit"
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    Fucking up my mental when I think about you

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    A tiger mother lost her cubs from premature labour. Shortly after she became depressed and her health declined, and she was diagnosed with depression. So they wrapped up piglets in tiger cloth, and gave them to the tiger. The tiger now loves these pigs and treats them like her babies.

    I HAD TO… i felt forced.

    Oh god that is so beautiful

    Youre just a pig inside a tiger body.. Squeaalahhh squealaahh

    Oh god no this is not beautiful. Please do not glorify this! This is from the Srirach Zoo in Thailand. At that zoo they force their animals to perform unnatural and cruel tricks, exactly like what they do at circuses. They keep their animals in shitty enclosures, and they do those cruel cub petting schemes.

    Also, there is no reason as to why those tiny piglets should be anywhere near a dangerous, wild animal. That tiger could easily kill those piglets even in play.

    Please stop glorifying this! This is not cute or beautiful. This is just cruel!

    ^^^^^^^^^ everything said above plus

    The fact that people fall for this garbage is ridiculous. The Sriracha Zoo (more accurately, part zoo, part circus) is known for exploiting and exhibiting animals in cruel and unnecessary displays such as this. 

    The sad tale of the tigress falling into a deep depression after losing a litter of cubs was fabricated, as was the claim that the piglets were substituted for the deceased cubs by zookeepers in order to console the “mourning mother.”

    The costumes are strictly for show, by the way. The mother tiger pictured, who has been photographed on other occasions suckling piglets au naturel, was herself nursed by a pig in infancy and apparently regards the other species as family, not prey.

    The Sriracha Tiger Zoo has been illegally breeding protected wildlife for export & implicated in the sale of 100′s of tigers to China where they are highly prized as parts in traditional Chinese medicine.  The AWI also noted that, in 2004, the zoo was closed for a month when 80-100 tigers died or were euthanized.

    These photos, like so many others of the cross-species nurturing type, may be genuine, but there is so much more to this story than meets the eye.  9 times out of 10, it is a horrific situation for the animals and is being spread over the internet just for publicity and ill-gotten donations – not for the good of animal welfare. 

    (please click on the linked paragraphs above for more info)

    These images are not cute. This is animal cruelty. 

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    Au Meme: J. Cole talking about a special girl that used to be apart of his life, who is he talking about? You be the judge of that.

    Jermaine: “I loved her and I still love her, she was God’s gift to be and I never took advantage of it, it’s crazy how you can be so dumb in love, think that nothing can take that away from you how it can never slip through your fingers, then one day bam it’s like you’ve never had it, that’s how I felt when I lost her, but like I said I’m not the one to hold a grudge, I see now that she’s more happier than ever…sadly she looks more happier then how I made her.”




    I love you ❤️

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    How to make matcha green tea detox ice blocks: Link

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15 Things Every Man Should Have
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